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Quotes from the Kids! Angel, Tony, Harmony, Charity, Chase, and Symphony

The Moritz Family

Moritz Family: Jeremy & Christine, Angel, Tony, Harmony, Charity, Chase, and Symphony

The Moritz Family

Quotes from the Kids

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Quotes From The Kids!

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Chase: Dad, why is there a place called Pennsylvania? It makes it sound like it's like raining pens or like there are just pens everywhere!
    ~August 2019 [Chase: 7 years old]


Charity: I cried at Mindy's wedding. I was really happy.

Christine: Yeah, it was a great wedding, wasn't it? Because Mindy and Brice honored God in their relationship, they now get to spend the rest of their lives together.

Charity: And they get to see each other naked.
    ~August 2019 [Charity: 9 years old]


Chase: Hey, Charity, there was an Andrew that came to our house one time, but not the Andrew with the Switch...Well, he might have had a Switch but the Andrew that we know mostly is the one who stole your Switch.
    ~July 2019 [Charity: 9 years old, Chase: 7 years old]


Chase: Do you remember how Mufasa dies in the Lion King movie?

Christine: Yeah, he was run over by wildebeests.

Chase: No, he was trying to climb the cliff and Scar knocked him off and he died by fall damage.
    ~July 2019 [Chase: 7 years old]


Chase (watching "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" by Cedarmont Kids): MOM! They are totally not ACTUALLY on the ocean! Know how I can tell? Their swords are plastic AND I can see the playground!
    ~July 2019 [Chase: 7 years old]


Harmony: Why does the car say "PLEASE fasten your seatbelt" instead of just "Fasten your seatbelt"?

Charity: Maybe it wants to be polite.

Harmony: It shouldn't be. You're breaking the law.
    ~July 2019 [Harmony: 10 years old, Charity: 9 years old]


Daddy: I think that girl might have Asperger's.

Harmony: What are those? What are "A-word burgers"?
    ~June 2019 [Harmony: 10 years old]


Harmony: Why can't I get a phone?

Daddy: You can get a phone when you're all grown up.

Harmony: I'm plenty grown-up! I know what politics are!
    ~May 2019 [Harmony: 10 years old]


Angel: Chase, it's time for you to go to bed.

Chase: Can I play games in my head?

Angel: Yeah, I guess that's fine.
(One hour later, Chase is still lying in bed staring at the ceiling)

Angel: Chase, you were supposed to go to sleep!

Chase: I'm playing games in my head! I got to level 160!
    ~May 2019 [Angel: 14 years old, Chase: 6 years old]


Charity (after running into the house with her neighbor Sarah): I'm eggausted!… I don't know what "eggausted" means, but people say that when they're running. Phew! I'm EGGAUSTED!
    ~April 2019 [Charity: 8 years old]


Chase: Oh no! It's Dirt Boss! Well, he's no match for my MOP POWER!! (*squirts mop*... *mops floor*)
    ~March 2019 [Chase: 6 years old]


Charity: Dad, if Angel is driving then I want to come with you, but if you are driving then I'd rather stay here. It's not that I don't think you're a good driver or that you're going to kill us all or something.

Angel: Charity, I'm more likely to kill us all than dad is.

Charity: I know!
    ~March 2019 [Angel: 14 years old, Charity: 8 years old]


Chase: My buttcheek is connected to my foot! See? From my butt to my foot, it's just a straight line down my leg!
    ~March 2019 [Chase: 6 years old]


Charity: When does work give you money? Like every day?

Daddy: No, more like every two weeks.

Charity: Every TWO weeks?! I'd be so mad at that work! I'd be like, "I'm working hard!! Give me MONEYYYYY!!!!"
    ~February 2019 [Charity: 8 years old]


Mom: Okay, Harmony, spell "METHOD"

Harmony: M-E-T-H-H-E-A-D

Mom: …no more internet for you.
    ~February 2019 [Harmony: 10 years old]


Chase: Let's do it on Tuesday, 'cuz that's my lucky day.

Daddy: Why is Tuesday your lucky day?

Chase: I have the easiest chores that day.
    ~February 2019 [Chase: 6 years old]


Harmony: Mom, I've decided I want to change out my closet to have only old timey dresses.

Mommy: What do you mean "Old timey dresses"?

Harmony: Dresses they wore in the 1980s.
    ~February 2019 [Harmony: 10 years old]


Daddy: Sometimes people are good at some things and not as good at others. For example, if someone were to hire you to do Scratch work, you would probably do a really good job! But if they hired you to do JavaScript you would probably say "Uh...I don't know how to do that."

Harmony: No, I would take the job and then just type random things.
    ~February 2019 [Harmony: 10 years old]


Dad: Touchdown! Go Chiefs!

Harmony: A touchdown is worth 6 points!

Dad: That's right, Harmony! And what can you do immediately after a touchdown?

Harmony: Gloat.
    ~January 2019 [Harmony: 9 years old]


Tony: Mustard seeds don't grow into big trees, do they?

Harmony: yes they do!! They get reeeeaaaaally big!!

Chase: I think ketchup trees are bigger.
    ~January 2019 [Tony: 13 years old, Harmony: 9 years old, Chase: 6 years old]


Harmony: You STILL have more work to do?

Dad: I feel like you kids don't think about how much you benefit from all the work I do. You don't think about the fact that you get nice things, and electricity when you want it, and a big comfy house—all because I'm willing to go to work.

Harmony: I think about how big our house is every time I lose something and can't find it.
    ~December 2018 [Harmony: 9 years old]


Charity: Harmony says the more stuff you put on your Christmas list, the less greedy you are because it just means you want everything.
    ~November 2018 [Harmony: 9 years old, Charity: 8 years old]


Charity: Mom, that street sign says "No outlet". None of those houses have electricity!
    ~November 2018 [Charity: 8 years old]


Chase: The worst cuss word is the F-word. And I do NOT want to learn how to make the F-word with your pinky!... or maybe it's ring.

Mom: You mean the middle finger?

Chase: No, the middle finger doesn't cuss. It's either the pinky or the ring finger.
    ~October 2018 [Chase: 6 years old]


Mom: Symphony has her first tooth!

Charity: She does?!

Mom: Yep! She has a tooth on the bottom!

Charity: HOORAAA--Wait! On her BOTTOM??!!
    ~October 2018 [Charity: 8 years old, Symphony: 10 months old]


Daddy: One of our friends was a sniper in the army!

Charity: He's a sniper? I don't want to be near him.

Tony: Actually if he's a sniper, you don't want to be far away from him.
    ~September 2018 [Tony: 12 years old, Charity: 8 years old]


Harmony: What do I push after the garage passcode again?

Mommy: It's either enter or pound.

Harmony: Pound?

Mommy: ...hashtag.

Harmony: Oh!
    ~September 2018 [Harmony: 9 years old]


Chase: Oh mom! I know why spaghetti sauce is a heavy food! It's 'cause when you hold a jar of spaghetti sauce, it's kinda heavy!
    ~September 2018 [Chase: 6 years old]


Chase: Only Jesus can sleep with his eyes open.
    ~August 2018 [Chase: 6 years old]


Charity: So, Chase, would you rather die by being eaten by a baby or a dinosaur? I'd rather get eaten by a dinosaur so the baby doesn't get sick.
    ~July 2018 [Charity: 8 years old, Chase: 6 years old]


Grandpa: Chase, how are your fingers doing?

Chase: They don't hurt anymore! I can wiggle my fingers and make a fist!

Grandpa: What if you punched a bad guy in the belly? Would that hurt?

Chase: If I punched a bad guy, I would die, because he would kill me!

Grandpa: What if the bad guy was just three years old?

Chase: If he was just three years old, he wouldn't be a bad guy. He would have to be trained to be a bad guy!
    ~July 2018 [Chase: 5 years old]


Chase: Mom, you would need SOOO much stuff to build a house! You'd need like TEN boxes of glue!
    ~July 2018 [Chase: 5 years old]


Mom: Chase, keep your hands to yourself.

Chase: My gymnastics teacher tells me to keep my hands to myself when I'm punching people.

Angel: Chase, you punch people in your class?!

Chase: Actually, my Sunday School teacher tells me to keep my hands to myself when I'm stealing other people's Goldfish.
    ~July 2018 [Angel: 13 years old, Chase: 5 years old]


Harmony: Can I go to that event?

Dad: Probably not.

Harmony: So... "Maybe."

Dad: Harmony, I want you to assume the answer is "No."

Harmony: I know. I'm just saying "Maybe."
    ~June 2018 [Harmony: 9 years old]


Harmony: After I finish playing this game, I'm going to watch some more cartoons, and then I'm going to relax.
    ~June 2018 [Harmony: 9 years old]